Step one to making progress..

Hello my name is Joshua A Shuman Sr and my goal is in starting my new charity organization for the adult, but more so the children,Today that suffers from one of the worlds deadliest sicknesses and thats cancer ..The fight for a cure for cancer and the funds for the research has been limited, the resources and chances have been slim as of lately. My purpose is to help and support those who are less fortunate who suffers from this sickness and my dreams of starting from nothing not a clue to gaining sir knowledge of such experiences.i yet to do my research but i need help in doin so ,So world if u can help me change more lives in the world help me save our future, cause tomorrow is not promised to any of us give me a chance to make a difference ,as if you would make a difference as well thank you ..

Never let go of your dreams .
My purpose is to make sure that we all are being tooken care of and treated fairly ..

The time is now

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